Since then, we’ve refined and perfected our All-Wheel Control system, building vehicles that have conquered the rigors of off-road rally and endurance racing. These advanced technologies have been transitioned into every All-Wheel Control-equipped Mitsubishi Motors vehicle, providing you with the stability and traction you need to tackle any driving scenario, including our slippery Canadian winter roads.
Mitsubishi Motors’ All-Wheel Control system puts YOU in control, with the ability to choose how engaged the system is. There are three settings available at the touch of a button, optimizing your preference between fuel economy and 4-Wheel Drive capability without compromising safety.
2-Wheel Drive: keeps the vehicle in Front-Wheel Drive regardless of driving conditions, for economical driving on normal dry roads and freeways.
4-Wheel Drive Auto: offers a well-balanced 4-Wheel Drive performance, resulting in enhanced fuel efficiency, traction, high-speed stability and predictable handling based on road and driving conditions.
4-Wheel Drive Lock: increased torque is applied to the rear wheels, helping the vehicle enhance performance on slippery surfaces, such as on snow-covered roads or sand.
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