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A car's battery is responsible for providing power to all the electrical components of your car. When you turn your key to start your vehicle, your cars battery provides the power necessary to start your engine, turn on your headlights, engage your backup camera, and turn on the stereo.

As you drive your car, energy from the engine is used to generate electricity which is used to keep the battery fully charged. Over time. just like the batteries in cell phone and laptops, the vehicle's battery begins to lose capacity which results in it returning less and less energy to your vehicles components. It is good practice to have your remaining battery capacity tested to ensure all the critical system in your car have enough power and you don't get caught off guard with a vehicle that won't start.

If you have never had your battery tested and your vehicle's battery is over 3 years old, it is a good idea to have our service department perform this capacity test at your next oil change appointment.

If your battery is starting to degrade, you may notice some symptoms as well. Longer engine start time, slow moving windows, dimming lights, or other electrical issues may be a sign that your battery should be tested and/or replaced. If you notice any of these symptoms - Call Rouge Valley Mitsubishi and book a diagnostic service to find out if your battery needs to be replaced.

You will also be happy to know that all Mitsubishi Certified Batteries are back by 5-year warranty and are designed specifically for your vehicle's electrical needs. areas.

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