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Oil is very important for your vehicle's engine. It helps to lubricate the moving parts of your engine, reducing the overall wear on the metals inside your engine.

The oil in your engine is specially rated for the viscosity which is required based on the amount of heat and operating conditions of your engine. As the oil does its job it is repeatedly heated and cooled, and this process causes what is known as oxidation of the oil.

Oxidation increases the viscosity (gets thicker and slower) of the oil over time and after enough operational time, the oil's viscosity will increase enough that it can no longer properly protect your engine. Once this happens, your engine will run hotter and less efficiently, which will result in the oil becoming even more oxidized exaggerating the problem even further.

To keep your oil within the correct operating parameters for your engine, you need to change it at regular intervals. This is outlined in the Mitsubishi Service Manual and is required to be followed to ensure the warranty on your vehicle's engine is maintained.

Speak with your service adviser at Rouge Valley Mitsubishi to find out how often your engine oil should be changed and what other maintenance should be performed on your vehicle.

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