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All Mitsubishi vehicles are shipped to customers with all-season tires pre-installed on the vehicles. Maybe our customer believe that this means the installation of winter tires are not necessary - However you may be putting yourself at risk in winter by not equipping your vehicle with winter tires during the worst of the snowy and icy season.

All-season tires are designed to be 'OK' in all conditions but are not optimized for the worst of winter conditions. If you look at your all-season tires and compare them to winter tires, you will notice winter tires will have a lot more horizontal zig-zagged lines, deeper and wider horizontal treads, and much softer rubber.

The zig-zagged lines help the tire cut and grip into ice and slippery surfaces helping you keep grip under icy conditions. You want more zig-zags on your tires when you drive over ice or need to stop quickly in the winter.

The wide horizontal treads help to keep water and slush off your tires, while allowing snow to stick which increases your traction when driving through snow.

Probably the most notable difference is the much softer rubber. summer and all-season tires become very hard when the temperature is below freezing which prevents the tire from forming to the road properly. The softer rubber of winter tires allows the tire to continue to form to the road, giving the tire more surface area to connect with the road, greatly decreasing stopping distances and improved handling of corners.

Most Mitsubishi vehicles now come standard with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System which is an important part of the advance safety systems of your vehicle. Only a Certified Mitsubishi Technician can properly install and calibrate your TPMS inside your tires.

Visit Rouge Valley Mitsubishi to find out what winter tire is right for your vehicle and make sure you are safe in the winter.

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