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Get Your car ready for the Spring

Get Your car ready for the Spring

Get Your Car Ready for the Spring 

Preparing a car for a change in weather usually refers to what you must do when winter approaches. However, it is essential to note that cold months can take a heavy toll on your car, which can sometimes cause hidden damage. Now that spring is coming, it’s the best time to start prepping your car for warmer months. Learn more about what you should do to increase the functionality and lifespan of your vehicle.


Change Your Tires

Depending on the weather conditions, there are different types of tires for you to use on your car. Switching from winter to summer tires allows your vehicle to have lower resistance, improving fuel efficiency. They also ensure safety with better traction and quieter drives for a more comfortable experience.


Do a Thorough Cleaning

During the winter, your car usually accumulates slush and salt from the icy roads, no matter how vigilant you are. Cleaning these residues is something you can do with simple tools. As spring approaches, it presents an excellent opportunity to undo all damage from winter built-up.


Check the Headlights

Although salt and gravel improve grip on the road, they can also cause damage to your headlights. The accumulation can cause connecting wires to corrode or the case to crack, leading to faulty systems. Inspect all the lights for any defects or damages.


Replace the Wipers

Winter weather can also be harsh on the exposed wipers due to ice and snow on the windshield. This can cause the rubber to degrade more quickly, affecting your vision during rain. For this reason, you should replace the wipers as spring approaches.


Check the Brakes

Most car manufacturers recommend checking your brakes every 20,000 km or every six months. Spring is the perfect time to make an appointment to ensure your brakes are in good working condition. Failure to do this will increase the distance required for the car to stop, which might cause collisions.


Find Leaks

Low temperatures can cause damage to vital parts of the car. It’s important to check the rubber cooling hoses and the radiator for any signs of leaking or swelling.


Replace the Air Filter

Spring melts down ice and snow that accumulate over the winter months, releasing dust into the atmosphere. Most of these particles will end up in your air filtration system, affecting performance. Getting a new air filter in spring ensures a clean and dust-free cabin.


Get Help With Preparations

With temperatures increasing and days getting longer, it's time to prepare your car for spring to ensure safe and fuel-efficient driving. If you need help, contact Rouge Valley Mitsubishi to schedule an appointment with our team of professionals in Scarborough, ON.

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