Tire Alignment

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As you drive your car, the wheels on your vehicle are subjected to rough roads, potholes, speed-bumps, ice, rain, hard stops, changes in tire pressure, seasonal tire changes, and much more. All these things put stress on the joints that hold your wheel and over time your vehicle's wheels will become misaligned and there will be changes to their angles.

When your vehicle was being designed and built, Mitsubishi took care to precisely calculate the exact angles your wheel should sit at across all three axes'. This was done to ensure you had the best driving experience, best fuel economy, and best handling of your vehicle. When the angles are changed even half a degree, due to the factors mentioned above, your vehicle will not drive at its best. It may eat away at the tires more quickly and it will most likely also burn through gas much quick.

The best way to prevent this is to have the alignment of your vehicle corrected with every seasonal tire change or at least once a year if you don't put winter season tires on your vehicle.

Only a Mitsubishi Certified Technician can correct your wheel's alignment back to the factory specification.

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